YTYY Series


YTYY Series motor is a new kind patent electrical motor. As its salient poles are hided in its stator, this motor presents very soft operation characteristic and easy for speed control. This series motor is very economy, safety and credibility running, no pollution for environment in electro-magnetic interference and noise. It is a ideal driving motor for electrical appliance for domestic use.


1.Higher power factor up to 0.92-0.98%
2.More efficient 5-10% higher than common capacitor starting motor
3.With  simple and reasonable construction and smaller its occupant, it is with very high
   reliably and easy to use, economic and pragmatic.
4.Using  powder-brass  oil-retaining  bearing  and  excellence  against wearing, it has a
   very long-life (more than 15000 hours),operating at lower noise of about 30db,without 
   Electro-magnetic interference.
5.Insulation: class B, small starting current which only 1.1 times of its rated current, and
   lower  rocked  current  of 1.1-1.2 time its rated current. So this motor can stay safe on  
6.Easy  for  speed  control  by  changing  different capacitor, save energy greatly for fan   
   and small pump using.