JDW Series


JDW self-priming deep-well pumps consist of an ejector unit and a centrifugal pump connected in series. The ejector unit can be lowered in a 4" diameter pipe of well. These pumps are suitable to convey clean water or non-aggressive chemical fluids; they are extremely reliable and simple to use and are suitable for domestic applications, for automatic distribution of water from small to medium size surge tanks and for boosting systems. In order to grant a correct counter-pressure, it is always advisable to install a foot valve with a strainer on the suction nozzle.


TYPE Input Power Current (A) Size
Total Head
Enjector Type Sect.H
JDW255A 0.8 1.1 2.3 1.25"X1"X1" 16 35 E20 10
40 E20 15
45 E30 20
JDW355A 1 1.4 3.5 1.25"X1"X1" 20 45 E20 10
50 E20 15
55 E30 20