DTm Series


DTm pump are specifically designed for industrial and agricultural use. Its voluted impeller make it able to pump water that is even fairly dirty. High delivery rates under continuous or heavy duty, making them advantageous for rain and gravity irrigation, for pumping water from lakes, river, wells and for a wide variety of industrial uses where high delivery rates must be achieved at low to average heads. With a single centrifugal impeller cantilevered on the motor shaft directly, the DTm pump have a compact size, extremely reliable, very simple to use and almost maintenance-free,.


TYPE Input Power Current (A) Capacitor (μF) H.max
DTm12 0.55 0.75 3.8 16 12 200 1.5"X1.5" 8
DTm16 0.75 1 4.8 20 18.5 200 1.5"X1.5" 8
DTm18 1.1 1.5 6.6 30 18 420 2"X2" 8
DTm20 1.5 2 8.8 40 20 480 2"X2" 8